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Make The Connection: Part 2 Interviewing Like A Pro

I recently helped an executive with a very special set of skills get an interview for “the perfect job.”  I was excited for the candidate because she had exactly what the company was looking for…a hard-to-find set of skills and the “right” personality for the team.

When I didn’t hear how the interview went, I called my connection and asked what happened.  The response, “there just wasn’t a connection.”  Such sad news!

Once you have convinced a potential employer that you can do the job, it becomes about meshing styles/values/personalities.  Usually that is what an interview is all about: are you going to love the job and can you get along. Especially at your level!

Have you ever had an interview where you’ve done your research on the company, prepped your answers iStock_000007772776Smallto all the behavioral connections and talked to past employees about the critical parts of the job…..only to have an interview that just didn’t go well?  I think we all have.

The key is to do all your research and then…..relax enough to show the real you! Show your confidence, enthusiasm, your willingness to listen, your strengths, and your sense of humor.   In essence, connect with the people you’re meeting with!

This takes practice but we both know you iStock_000011063367Smallcan do this.  As you practice for your next great opportunity, use these interviewing tips to focus on the right things.

Be the standout candidate because you connected!