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High Performance Professionals

It’s that time of year!  “Back To School” efforts are in full swing.  New notebooks and clothes are being purchased.  MBA classes have even started for the working professionals at the University at Buffalo. However, you and I know that in order to stay competitive, each of us needs to create a a virtual school for ourselves…and we need to learn year round.

Earlier this summer,  a colleague and I were given the opportunity to attend High Performance Academy, conducted by Brendon Burchard in Silicon Valley (http://www.brendonburchard.com).  Burchard, a bestselling author and motivational speaker, is considered an expert in marketing and his training is in high demand across the country.  What an amazing speaker and what an experience! Sometimes we need to be recharged.  Upon returning from my trip, I felt invigorated and re-energized.  We spent a lot of time focusing on how to move away from reaching goals and how to embrace the more important goal of being a consistent high performer.  Now I’d like to pose the question to you. How would YOU describe yourself? Do you:

  • Remain open and observant to what is happening in the present but you SPEAK and ACT based on what you want to happen in the future?
  • Look for ways to challenge yourself? Do you focus on the journey, not just the destination or goal?
  • Actively develop your connections to others?
  • Take charge of your own progress and ask for help when you need it?
  • Create meaningful moments by thanking, praising, and recognizing those around you?

If so, then you most likely create clarity, courage, productivity and influence all around you. And according to Burchard, this makes you a high performer which leads to success in all aspects of your life. If you feel you need to generate more energy to be a high performer now, what small changes could you make to your personal and professional life so that you become that star performer?

Until next time…..