Developing Self-Confidence

What is Self-Confidence? When you believe in your ability to choose an effective path and get something done, even if the circumstances become increasingly challenging.

There are four levels of Self-Confidence: The first level of Self-Confidence is when you are confident in your capability to do a job.  This can be difficult when you take a new job.  In those circumstances, break the job down and determine which parts of the job draw on your past experience. This will  help you gain confidence as you learn the new portions of a job. The second level is when you believe in yourself and you’ve reached the third level when you show others you are self-assured. The highest level of Self-Confidence is presence.  Presence is far more than how you speak and the body language you use.  It is also about the earned respect that you have gathered.

You have Self-Confidence if you can get beyond failure or rejection and still be productive.  You also have Self-Confidence if you can confront problems head on and not back down until you have found the best solution.

You may want to improve your Self-Confidence if you only act when you feel safe or you avoid challenges, even when they are necessary.  You should develop more Self-Confidence if you aren’t able to demand being treated with respect, or if you find that people frequently interrupt you or talk over you in meetings.

The most effective way to develop Self-Confidence is to first understand which level of confidence you lack.  If you lack the job skills, then reach out to an expert for help with those portions of the job that you aren’t confident about.  If you are concerned about being rejected, focus on the many strengths that you bring to the situation while you seek more experience. Find a person or group that inspires you.  Interact with them and it will lift your own spirits as well as your confidence.  If your lack of confidence is caused by your own “self talk” (things you say silently to yourself during the day), open yourself up to seeing how your own thoughts and behaviors are preventing you from achieving the benefits of being Self-Confident.

To learn more about your strengths, purchase the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.  There is a one time use passcode inside the book for an online assessment.  The assessment will help you identify your unique strengths.


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